Sunday, September 6, 2009

Movie Recommendation List for My DADDY

And anyone else who wants some movie recs.

P.S. Papa-san, I don't know what movies you've seen. For the purpose of this list, let's say you've never seen a movie in your life.

Ooooo, feeling indie and sad? No? You are 53 and have no time for such sillyness? Well, suck it, here are my recommendations!

The Darjeeling Limited (oooo pretty, oooo mooooody)
Teeth (VAGINA DENTATA!!!!!!)
The Squid and the Whale (thanks for not getting a divorce!)
Happiness (ooooo sooooo wrong)
500 Days of Summer (when it comes out)
Adaptation (Nicolas Cage is actually...fantastic?)
Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (awwww cute!!)

Maybe a trifle of comedy? A dose of laughter? THE BEST OF MEDICINE?

Forgetting Sarah Marshall (stop being such a prude-y prude and give in. You like Family Guy, for gosh sake's.)
17 Again (become gay for Zac Efron, everyone is doing it)
Hamlet 2 (rock me, rock me, rock me, Sexy Jesus!)

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Parlez-Vous Francais? Nein? Non? Then turn on your subtitles, dumb-dumb:

The Counterfeiters
Das Experiment

Watch documentaries because I am into them and I am your daughter!!!

The Business of Being Born (because it's never too late to have a home birth)
Man On Wire (don't try this at home)
My Kid Could Paint That (I wrote a paper on this, so you should watch it)
Supersize Me (stop eating fast food!)
Rize (you'll never be president if you don't connect with the African-American community!)

We don't fit into categories! HELP US!

Milk (Why haven't you seen Milk yet, ya homophobe???)
Zodiac (killa killa killa killa!)
Whale Rider (ride them whales)


  1. Hi Amy - we have seen: The Darjeeling Ltd., Lars and the Real Girl, The Squid and the Whale, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Business of Being Born, Milk, Whale Rider, and your dad has seen Adaptation and Supersize Me. Not bad for this list, I would say. I'll probably try The Hangover when it comes out on DVD. Everyone in your generation thinks it's the funniest movie ever.

    Be watching for a list of movies we think you should see :).

  2. Wow then, my list was a failure!

    And be prepared to be appalled by The Hangover! I mean, if you guys thought I Love You, Man was bad....ruh roh.

    I'd like a list, but keep in mind: NO silent movies. No plotless old movies. My favorite era is late 60's-early 70's (I'm a modern girl). Nothing British-humor-y, a la Monty Python. Other than that, I'm good!

  3. Wait, when did you see Forgetting Sarah Marshall and what did you think?

  4. We saw it when it came out on DVD. It was a little bit potty-humor heavy, but I liked it more than I thought I would. That was one reason I wanted to see I Love You Man because it was that same actor (of course your dad is outside and I can't remember his name).

    So why is your list a failure?

  5. Jason Segel! I love him.

    My list is a failure because you guys have seen so many of them! You should see Nick and Norah and Teeth and the foreign ones I listed, though. Especially The Counterfeiters--It's Jewtastic.

  6. Your dad and I have made a list of titles from the 60s and 70s to recommend to you (with trepidation). It is long, but there may be some you've already seen. Your dad is supplying most of the descriptions. (We have omitted the films we know you've seen)

    Dog Day Afternoon - Pacino and dysfunctional bank robbery.
    Godfather II - the rare occasion where the sequel may be better than the original.
    Network - think 30 Rock, but more ruthless and angry.
    Lilies of the Field - Poitier's Oscar performance - a feel good movie.
    Hud - PAUL NEWMAN at his sexy best, the cattle sequence may bother you.
    The Pawnbroker - Steiger should have won the Oscar - post WWII traumatic stress.
    Alfie - your dad hasn't seen this - but it is full of dysfunction and selfishness.
    Bonnie and Clyde - this movie is just different - try to get past Faye Dunaway; it's worth it for the performances of Beatty, Hackman, Parsons, and Pollard.
    Guess Who's Coming to Dinner - really good performances and was cutting edge at the time. (Spencer Tracy's last movie)
    In the Heat of the Night - best pic 1967, Poitier and Steiger are great together.
    Cool Hand Luke - PAUL NEWMAN again. "What we have here is a failure to communicate."
    Wait Until Dark - Audrey Hepburn, excellent supporting cast including a really creepy Alan Arkin - a little hokey now, but at the time was really suspenseful.
    Romeo and Juliet 1968- this is from MK of course. Really beautiful people, scenery, costumes, music, and true to Shakespeare's play. I cry every time.
    The Lion in Winter - this might be a little plodding for you, but the perfomances are worth watching. Look for a young Anthony Hopkins.
    The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie - one from MK - repression, gossip, brainwashing (sort of) all in a Scottish Girls' boarding school. Maggie Smith's Oscar winner.
    Easy Rider - we haven't seen this for a while so it might be a little outdated, but at the time was a real groundbreaker.
    Little Big Man - Dustin Hoffman at Little Big Horn and the 75 years after it.
    Ryan's Daughter - this is more from MK. Ireland, spoiled daughter, adultery, and the most beautiful scenery and music.
    Deliverance - disturbing all-male rafting trip. Dueling Banjos comes from this movie.
    The Last Detail - Hal Ashby's dark comedy. Nicholson is really good and look for a young Randy Quaid.
    Shampoo - Also from Hal Ashby - Warren Beatty trying to keep a bevy of beauties satisfied in more ways than one.
    Taxi Driver - De Niro "Are you talking to me?" (Can't remember if you've seen this already)
    Breaking Away - indie film about Indiana teens coming of age.
    China Syndrome - realistic film about a nuclear "incident" covered by the press, and the utility's effort to cover it up.

    Please be gentle with us! We're old.

  7. Excellent! I have seen some of these that my dad should know that I've seen, but that's okay. I've seen Taxi Driver, Easy Rider (which I fastforwarded through because it was so damn boring), Little Big Man, In the Heat of the Night (one of my favorites now), and The Lion In Winter (I started it with you guys...couldn't finish it...oy). But a lot of the stuff on here is stuff I've been meaning to see for awhile, like Deliverance, Cool Hand Luke, Network, Godfather II (obviously, and Bonnie and Clyde. I'll get on it.