Friday, September 11, 2009

My Very Favorite Movies by Amy Aronson

The Graduate: Simon and Garfunkel, Dustin Hoffman, Cougartown, shot at USC, moody, amazing cinematography, best screenplay ever.

When Harry Met Sally: Christmas, romance, miraculous chemistry, the ending, the story structure, Harry Connick Jr. music.

Rosemary's Baby: Mia Farrow's hair, trust no one, devil babies, actual satanic leader as Satan, creepy music, gives me anxiety.

Full Metal Jacket: Dark, funny, great one-liners, made me want to kill myself, made me want to kill others, me so horny.

The Talented Mr. Ripley: Best male performance possibly ever by Matt Damon, super creepy, freakishly engaging.

Slumdog Millionaire: I couldn't breathe.

The Fountain: I also couldn't breathe.

Little Children: Needed a whole bottle of Xanax, I love dysfunction, Patrick Wilson and Kate Winslet are HOT.

Vertigo: I guess I really like movies that make me anxious, Jimmy Stewart, awesome twist, literally gave me vertigo.

The Wizard of Oz: Gets more magical every time I see it.

Capote: I love Truman Capote, I love Philip Seymour Hoffman = win/win

Knocked Up/Forgetting Sarah Marshall: Adorable, real, hilarious.

The Hangover: Funniest movie of all time.

Two for the Road: Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, another great screenplay.

Erin Brockovich: Totes sucked me in! Who knew how much I cared about water?!

High School Musical 1 and 3: The bread is the best part of the sandwich.

Being John Malkovich: It's okay to be crazy and it's okay to like crazy things.

Spellbound/Mad Hot Ballroom: Favorite documentaries, adorable children, heart-warming tales.

It Happened One Night: One super old movie that actually is as funny and charming as it wants to be.

Waiting For Guffman: Community theatre fantastic-ness.

Harold and Maude: Newest favorite, gruesome, twisted, amazing.



  1. OK - It Happened One Night is always in my top 3 movies ever, and very often at number 1. My dad had me watch it when I was a teenager on commercial TV, and I loved it even interrupted. I made your dad watch it again not that long ago. I would follow Clark Gable anywhere!

    I love The Graduate too, and your dad introduced me to Waiting for Guffman. I'm a Christopher Guest fan now.

    I haven't seen Being John Malkovich, so that is going on the queue. We also added Zodiac, Teeth, Happiness, Nick and Norah, Hamlet 2, Man on Wire, My Kid Could Paint That, Rize, Delicatessen, and The Counterfeiters.

    Whale Rider-yes!- nothing more to say - I'm 50% Kiwi after all!

  2. Gregory Peck? I think you mean Albert Finney. Some of the scenes they have are so cheesy I wanted to shoot myself, but I guess that's what I love about them.